WHo Owns the Common Core Flow Chart

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THANK YOU to DON BUNGER and the WA BATS! The common core flow chart is now available for high qaulity reproduction to share! Follow these steps:

Step one: Call or visit store near where you live and ask the graphics tech to email the address below which is my Office Depot store in Federal Way, WA.

which is south of Seattle. Your chart file is stored in their computer. My store’s number is 02515. (see map below for locations and phone numbers). Office Max was  bought out by Office Depot so both stores are merged.


Step two:  Office Depot and Office Max stores are in my home town of Federal Way have your  E.I.C. Chart saved as a PDF under the file name of “WA-BATS.” 

Step three: Ask your tech to request that the only PDF file under WA BATS be emailed to his or her graphics department.

Step four: (Optional) Ask your graphics tech to save the WA BATS file under your name so that your associates can find it at the place where it can be printed cheaply.

BATS can get a big discount nationwide on a printing and paper costs as if we were a school district!

So, when you are there ask to see the manager and get the form to fill out for UOO so you can set up flyers or posters that could be available for your group in 1800 stores too! The discount applies to Non Profits which I would assume UOO is. The manager may have to refer you to the manager who is in charge of printing for your state or region.



  1. :: Thank you for the time/effort that went in to creating this chart. It would be wonderful if this extremely useful chart could be uploaded to Muckety so that even more people would see it. http://news.muckety.com/

  2. Morna…..I created a flow chart from your video. I didn’t know you had posted the picture……Daaah would have been a lot easier than doing it from the Video but I think it turned out ok. I would like to send it to you. If you would check for accuracy and approve it I am going to make a poster out of it. I will give you credit for the original design. If I missed anything you feel is important please let me know and I will try to cram it in. Just so you know what you are looking at….RED LINES indicate Partnership, Green Lines indicate funding, WHITE Words=Gates funded, Dk. Red Words=ALEC. Can you give me an email address and I will send you the chart to look at. karen.bracken@reagan.com

  3. cool! I’d love to see it! mcdermottmax@yahoo.com Thanks Karen!

  4. What tangled webs we weave. Morna is my hero!

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  6. […] By now, those of us who are fighting for public schools are pretty aware of how the Common Core state standards (CCSS) were crafted behind the scenes by corporate interests (via ALEC and The Business Roundtable. If you need a primer on that first, see HERE and HERE. […]

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