An ALEC/Common Core Refresher Course

Posted: July 19, 2013 in Uncategorized


As ALEC descends upon Chicago it might be good to take an ALEC refresher course.

In spite of its more recent protestations against the Common Core, it’s finger prints cannot be fully erased. The other anti-teacher, anti-union, anti-public education policies are more evident. But don’t be fooled. They stand to benefit from their ruse of propping up followed by a “denial” of Common Core. Their denial cannot refute the facts that several ALEC associated corporations and “think tanks” have funded or otherwise promoted Common Core. Simply look at the the ways in which Common Core is playing into the hands of profit mongers, corporate interests, data miners, and education privatizers.

I’m not buyin’ what they’re sellin’.

Achieve, one of the creators of the Common Core has connections with ALEC.

  • ACHIEVE is funded by LUMINA (IN ALEC).
  • ACHIEVE is funded by STATE FARM (IN ALEC). STATE FARM also funded ALLIANCE FOR EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION (AEE). BOB WISE (WHO is the Chairman for AEE)  is a regular contributor to and participant with the ALEC educational agenda.
  • The co-chair/co founder for ACHIEVE is LOU GERSTNER JR who was a CEO of IBM which has had membership with ALEC.

Pearson acquired the Connections Academy, whose co-founder and executive VP is Mickey Revenaugh, was formerly also the co-chair of the ALEC Education Task Force.

America’s Choice was also recently acquired by Pearson. This organization is directly associated with the Lumina, Broad, and Walton Foundations, all former (or) active members of ALEC. They each promote so-called “innovations” that appeal to the corporate and for-profit mindset.

CCSSO Director Tom Luna (in ALEC)works closely with Jeb Bush, whose associations with ALEC and corporate-reform are too numerous to mention.

ALEC…against the Common Core…..really??? Or are we bearing witness to a game of bait and switch? I’d rather not wait and see.


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  3. Why would Obama and Arne Duncan be working with these corporation? Oh yeah they are all globalists since Bush one. When will the left and right join and defeat the elitists collectivist wet dreams?

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  6. “How the ALEC stole the Public from Public Education.” A school board talk by Andy Goldstein. December 16, 2015.

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