Corporations Have Struck Gold at Your Local Public School!

Posted: March 23, 2015 in Uncategorized

A guest post by Don Bunger of Washington BATS:

Corporations Have Struck Gold at Your Local Public School!
Welcome to the new gold rush, a rigorous U.S. and international corporate sprint for educational gold (in the form of your kid’s data) at all public schools. Authors David Spring and Elizabeth Hansen tour clever, stealthy, political, and corporate moves, mostly unreported in the mainstream press with their back story that greases the takeover of all public schools by as early as 2030 according to 2010 white papers from the Koret Task Force on K-12 Education at the Hoover Institute. The ones and zeroes of test score data make up new digital gold panned from 50 million kids aged Pre-K to 22.
Got kids? Planning on kids? Grandkids? Do you teach in public schools? Concerned that school boards may become extinct? Expand your understanding of our public education crisis with Weapons of Mass Deception How Billionaires Plan to Destroy our Public Schools (and what you can do to stop them) by David Spring and Elizabeth Hanson with easy to understand graphics and many links for clarification. Start a dialog with neighbors or interact with the authors, they’ve included their email address. Available for sale at Amazon.
See more vital posts, facts, and memes at the authors’ website:
  1. Keitha Bryson says:

    Corporate education reformers really are out mining for gold! Gold as in more money for their corporations. Gold as in data mining of student information. The monopoly created by Pearson needs to be investigated. If you value a free and appropriate public education for children it is time to take action. Start by doing a little reading. Every child’s education depends on adults using their well-informed voices.

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