A Message from Walking Man Jesse Turner


A guest blog from Walking Man Jesse Turner:

Some walking man news for my friends. It messy, not well edited, but it is great news.
Let me start with we should not expect mainstream media to cover anything we do in my opinion. We should understand they work for the reformers not us. Any notice we get from them is big news in my humble opinion, it’s kind of like the Yankees broadcasting good news about the Red Sox…. On the ground news In 2010 I spent a great deal of my time convincing people something was wrong with Ed Reform. In 2015 everyone gets it, and many people are fighting back. Again don’t expect CNN to broadcast it, but it’s real, and politicians are starting to worry. We even have some who are right in the thick of the fighting. I hope Michael Elliot puts up NY Councilmen Daniel Drumm remarks at our Press Conference at City Hall. We could have all gone home, because he said it all…the man was perfect. Of course he is a retired teacher. Rosalie got him for us. Bravo Rosalie.  Michael Elliot covered the whole NYC Walking press conference, Michael Rosalie, and Change the Stakes person spoke as well.  He also the Bronx event as well. You are going to love what he puts together from the press conference. He also covered Newark, and NJ was powerful people. I am still catching up to all the great news from Jersey in my Walking Blog, (almost there Terry). Terry was brilliant, and made things happen in Jersey.  I’ll get coverage for Baltimore and DC as well. Trust me we are breaking through, soon mainstream media won’t have a choice if they want viewers.
Bronx news 12 also did an excellent story as well see the link below. I need links to spread it on social media everywhere, share the Phillie newspaper pieces as well. Remember don’t just post the link, say something about it. Make it sound important.
Also since the begging Thomas Bird DC “Education Town Hall has cover the wall, and takes weekly updates every Thursday. They are covering the mock trial people—this is big!
The Philadelphia Morn Feed has done two 90 minute-shows about the walk as well, see the link below for the latest one. They have also agreed to have every local leader involved in the Philly walking events be quests on their show…THIS IS BIG!
The online radio show the War Report also does weekly updates, and kick off the walk with a show and will also do a post DC show about the walk. My blog has 5000 views for July alone already, and I am behind in my shouts outs to people. Also I have not even reached Baltimore or DC.
Although Gov Christie bumped me on NJTV’s Radio show David Cruz anchor had me call into his radio show with Newark’s Mayor Baraka about high-stakes testing on Friday night. I’ll be back on the air with him again. I haven’t given up on going on NJTV News either, and I’ll get to meet with Mayor Baraka before the fall. Philly went well, the walk continues to get good coverage.
Michael Elloit documented key points on my NY and NJ walk, and will edit them, and place it online soon. I do plug SOS as I walk everywhere. Big difference between my 2010 and 2015 walks…in 2010 no one knew the issues, or who I was, this time around they know the issues and who I am, and who SOS is. What a BIG difference people!
Delaware is a quiet state as I knew it would be, because the legislature just passed a parent right to opt out law. I did meet with some parents of special needs children there, but like in 2010 Delaware is fighting their own battles, and just won the Opt Out battle. Trust me I needed a quiet state, walking goes well most days, but every day events are connected to the walk it complicates things and takes it toll on my blogging. Events also impact my sleep Trust me I rather be busy and tired than bored and restful. 12 days to go. If you can plug the go fund me campaign for me. The motels bill are growing.

The next big events are coming in Maryland. I am convinced more press with come in Baltimore, but again CNN, MNBC and Fox don’t work for us-they work for the Ed Reformers. I don’t expect them, or their affiliates to come knocking. We must pound the social media circuits every day in my humble opinion, and not just our pages, but post on everyone pages. I am getting a strong feeling that the political winds are shifting on testing and Education Reform. It is going to be hard to run as an Ed Reformer in 2016. Trust me we are winning, and SOS, Opt OUT, NPE, BATs and everyone fighting back is increasing their reputations as honest brokers. No one views the United State Department of Education, or any Ed Reformer as honest at this point.  Anthony Cody’s piece on my walk helped, and so did Diane Ravitch’s shout-outs as well.
We are winning, and I am 120 miles from DC.

Bronx News 12 Story

Daily News Philadelphia

CBS Philly
Morning Feed Talk show Philadelphia

At every step of the way SOSer and Opt Outers have played significant roles in the walk. Michael, Rosalie and Terry were wonderful. Bess is working hard on making Maryland work. Alison Hawver McDowell Philly Opt Out and Morna McDermott (Maryland) have been incredible. There are literally dozens of new players/organizations who are superstars in the own right.

Visit FB at Alison Hawver McDowell

SOSers have contributed to my Go Fund Me campaign as well. In 2010 I had no support for the walk, this time people have contributed 2500 to the walk. That money pays for motels, gas, tolls, cab rides, and blister band aids. My goal was 3500, but 2500 is not bad, and there still is 12 days to go.
Thank you,

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Morna McDermott has been an educator for over twenty years in both k-12 and post secondary classrooms. She received her doctorate in education, with a dissertation focus on arts-based educational research, from The University of Virginia in 2001. Morna's teaching, scholarship, and activism center around the ways in which creativity, art, social justice, and democracy can transform education and empower communities. She is currently a Professor of Education at Towson University.

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