Bail, not Blogs

Posted: April 24, 2016 in Uncategorized

I will be on hiatus for a while from blogging in order to care for immediate family needs.

Please enjoy previous blog posts in the meantime…Let’s face it, until there is a radical shift in systemic policy and power, anything I’ve written the last few years probably still applies…it might as well be “new” news.

I leave you with this thought for the immediate future: Bail, not blogs. Writing is a powerful tool. Sharing information is critical. But now, in 2016 we KNOW what’s wrong. We KNOW how to fix it. We KNOW what we want for ALL children. We need to think about actions. Civil disobedience. We need to get beyond blogging alone.

“Surrealism recognizes that any revolution must begin with thought, with how we imagine a New World, with how we reconstruct our social and individual relationships” (Kelley, p. 193). And that is the goal of the opt out revolution…at least the one United Opt Out is fighting for. The elimination of harmful high stakes tests is a major tactic, but not the end goal. True solidarity in this movement as an effort of social justice will be evidenced not when white middle class moms go to jail to protect their own children, but when they (we) go to jail to protect other people’s children too.

I’m saving your bail money. It might be time.

  1. Agreed – it is just about bail time. Take care.

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