All windows are one-of-a-kind handmade works of art made with a theme; each one tells a story. Each window is crafted with acrylic paints, and a variety of collage papers, stones, glass and other items.

Inquiries and sales can be made at my email

They can be hung in windows, walls, in front of fire places, or outside in gardens. 

All windows can only be sold locally. Pick ups scheduled individually or delivered in a 10 mile of Catonsville (21228) for an additional $7.00. Cash and check only.

New works of art will be posted regularly so please visit regularly and check out what’s new! Just added!!! On 6/21 “More Time” (scroll to bottom to view)

Currently in Stock

1.”Roses” -Double sided with faux stained glass paint, decoupaged flowers and acrylic paint. Side one has gold painted extra wooden trim and side two has paper roses. The base has beaded trim and small round mirrors hanging inside the window pains. 28″ (width) x 24″ (height)

Cost: $100.00






2. “Gratitude”- Double sided with faux stained glass paint, decoupaged with sea glass, shells, beads and acrylic paint. Side one oink with gold star fish and side two light blue with shells. 24 ” (width) x 20″ (height)


gratitude4 gratitude3 gratitude2 gratitude1

3. “Bubbles” – Double sided with faux stained glass paint, decoupaged flowers and acrylic paint. Paint on both sides. Side one is white with oink seahorses. Side two has light blue and green trim. Blue glass jar and wire hanging in upper right frame.

28″ (width) x 24″ (height)








4) “More Time”

24″ widht x 20″ height. Paint, shells, glass bottle and collage poetry, and small hanging charms


moretime4 moretime5 moretime6 moretime1moretime2 moretime3