HELP WANTED! Can anyone out there spare a few million dollars?

Posted: July 16, 2012 in Uncategorized




Seriously…Help Wanted…..We really need help!!!!!

Seeking: A billionaire who will invest a few million dollars to fund a people’s ANTI ed reform movement

Qualifications: Must have a few million dollars to donate and be averse to drinking Kool Aid.

Must actually WANT to help children, not their Wall Street buddies

(Bill Gates need not apply. We’ve seen your resume.)

Purpose: It seems that all that is needed to get a seat at the table of education policy is billions of dollars.  You can be a self-serving lobotomized drone and still become a larger stakeholder in education than those whose lives are most greatly affected!

Why we need your money:

Money apparently pays for mass advertising to brainwash public opinion.

Money apparently pays to buy out large organizations and institutions such as, but not limited to:

-mainstream media, -universities, -k-12 school districts,- research institutes, -professional development service providers, and -non profits that pretend to serve children.

Money can manufacture the illusion of “knowledge and professional experience” where in reality none exists.

Money can buy out state legislators formerly known as public servants.

We don’t want a seat at the frigging Billionaire’s Boys Club’s table any more. Quite honestly there’s nothing at the table of the 1% that we want. At your table, if we dare reach into the platter to serve ourselves (as you so coyly pretend we are invited to do), we know you’ll just stab our starving hands with your fork.  We need money to topple the F*&(& table OVER and build a new one for ourselves, a table designed with a transparent, equitable, creative, sustainable and socially just agenda for public education.

Application submitted by: public school parents, teachers, and students

We who are requesting help have knowledge, expertise, facts, experience, dedication, passion, and commitment. But apparently all of that counts for jack shit unless you’ve got the dough. So please Mr. or Mrs. Billionaire out there (who are not already lining your stock portfolio with my child’s educational future)—Please, just send us a few million dollars so we can have a voice too?

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