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Posted: June 7, 2018 in Uncategorized

Wherever I go, I discover how few people have heard the term “social impact bonds” and for those who have, they usually have received little more than the glossy sales pitch offered by social impact bonds snake oil salesman, and so assume they are a good thing. Here is a list of a few scholars who look under the hood of the glossy sales pitch and reveal some important but little known facts about this effort to recolonize public (mostly urban) spaces. Like its predecessor, charter schools, social impact bonds market themselves as the “saviour” to communities of color that have suffered under decades of racist policies and austerity measures. Like charters, here is the problem marketing itself as the solution. Can we learn ahead of the curve this time? While my “go to” sites are by Alison McDowell and Data Disruptors, its important to have multiple sources and to appreciate that our critique of this financial scheme is well documented and researched. So why aren’t we hearing more about this? And … Why the “crickets” from education persons and groups who have large audiences and social media presence? Please click to read to learn, and better yet, click to read to share.

Social Impact Bonds (Pay for Success): Yet Another Privatization Scam – janresseger  (minute 29)


Race, Finance, And The Afterlife Of Slavery on Vimeo

Rhode Island Union: Social Impact Bonds Are About Greed, Not Good – Next City

Social Impact Bonds — a Primer – Seattle Education

Profiting from Pain: social impact bonds and social policy – Policy and Politics Journal

Social Impact Bonds: The Titans of Finance as the Altruistic Merchants of Schooling and the Common Good | Dissident Voice

Bonded Life: Technologies of racial finance from slave insurance to philanthrocapital: Cultural Studies: Vol 29, No 5-6

  1. Peter says:

    I’ll just toss my entry onto the pile, too. Thanks for this list– an important resource.

  2. Thanks for this post. I’ve curated a page of critical perspectives and will add these links/resources to the site as well at:

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