A New School to Prison Pipeline that Might Surprise You

I was appalled when an educator/activist/author friend of mine, shared with me over coffee, that University of Maryland College Park, in partnership with real estate mogul Edward St John, contracted with prison labor for the creation of their shiny new building: “MCE Helps Furnish New Edward St. John Learning and Teaching Center at UMCP OnContinue reading “A New School to Prison Pipeline that Might Surprise You”

Biocapitalism, Corporate Colonialism and Education Policy

A BRIEF PAUSE IN BETWEEN CHAPTERS OF THE FICTIONAL STORY (INTERREGNUM MILE) TO CONSIDER THE NOT-SO-FICTIONAL VERSION OF THAT SAME REALITY. In the last few years a lot of debate has been had over promise and perils of ESSA. Many education advocates argued we must embrace ESSA because it promised to reduce federal choke holdContinue reading “Biocapitalism, Corporate Colonialism and Education Policy”

Interregnum Mile: Chapter Eight

Note to readers: Just when I thought what I writing was fiction, I came across this courtesy of Alison McDowell   DATA ON DNA– https://www.sciencealert.com/microsoft-could-be-storing-data-on-dna-within-the-next-three-years   Chapter Eight The industrial track-lighting in the Romer Onyx complex always reminded Susan of a piss-yellow color. Her artistic temperament incited her to naming colors that elicited strong feelings inContinue reading “Interregnum Mile: Chapter Eight”

Interregnum Mile: Chapter Seven

  Chapter Seven Kelley had kept his word.  When Ryder awoke the next morning and went downstairs, he saw his mother moving with ease back and forth between the kitchen stove and table. She was humming softly. He knew that meant she was in a good frame of mind; had she known about last evening’sContinue reading “Interregnum Mile: Chapter Seven”

The New “Jack”: Trading Justice for Grit

(Taking a small break between chapters in The Interregnum Mile to bring you something to consider) Is Restorative Justice being “jacked?” Restorative Justice (RJ) has a lengthy (centuries-old) global history too lengthy and complex to elucidate here. It  thankfully has become the recent focus of school disciplinary and judicial systems at a time when theContinue reading “The New “Jack”: Trading Justice for Grit”

The Interregnum Mile: Chapter Six

Chapter Six “You did what???” Kelley demanded the previous evening, his voice echoing with incredulity. The three of them stood around the empty darkened parking lot, and told Kelley everything they knew. The lot that ran alongside the Interregnum Mile was abandoned; cracked blacktop with lanky clusters of milkweed poking through. The only sounds wereContinue reading “The Interregnum Mile: Chapter Six”

The Interregnum Mile: Chapter Five

Story Summary:  Ryder, Keesha and Deacon, three lifelong friends, now in their teens have been named the leader-futures for Interregnum City, the first city to decolonize itself from the script of corporate enslavement. The city has gone “off-script.” They, along with their friends and families take the reader into a hopeful landscape of what mightContinue reading “The Interregnum Mile: Chapter Five”

The Interregnum Mile: Chapter Four

Chapter Four Was going off script the right thing for our community? What is the future of decolonized zones? Those were the questions scribbled in faded green marker on the white board in front of the basement-level reading room in the public library. Ryder sighed. He recognized the familiar handwriting, and understood from it thatContinue reading “The Interregnum Mile: Chapter Four”

The Interregnum Mile: Chapter Three

Chapter Three Keesha hand shook causing the blue paint to zig zag uncontrollably across the cement canvas. “Crap!” she shouted. The near-perfect replica of the blue sky, white clouds, brown and green trees, and cityscape was now interrupted by a thick solid blue stipe that crashed through the scene like a lightning bolt. Keesha andContinue reading “The Interregnum Mile: Chapter Three”

The Interregnum Mile: Chapter Two

  CHAPTER TWO The phone on the wall had rung four times already. “Get the damn phone!” Deacon shouted from behind the counter. “Don’t you cuss in my shop, young man!” his mother called from the kitchen. “Yes’m. Sorry, mom,” Deacon called back. He was sorry, even if his voice didn’t sound convincing. He wasContinue reading “The Interregnum Mile: Chapter Two”

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